Thursday, 28 June 2007


I havent been on in a while...had the time of my life at Akhand Jaap in Ilford....waheguru was that great! Focus your mind and soul in the lords praises and wooooow! No words to explain.

I would say to all of you who didn't attend, to go to the next ones! Waheguruuuuuu!
If you'd like to see pics ;

Haha I should have put this up before I went, how silly of me :P D'oh !

gur srxweI suKu lhih Anidnu nwmu iDAwie ]1] rhwau ]gur saranaaee sukh lehehi anadhin naam dhhiaae 1 rehaao

In the Sanctuary of the Guru, peace is found, meditating on the Naam night and day. 1Pause

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