Saturday, 9 June 2007

Who am I?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and 'why I chose Guru Nanak over Kate Moss came up?' I thought about it for a answer I think is faith. I have no faith in people like Kate Moss...what do I gain from people like Kate Moss?..People dont realise what our Guru Ji has given us. Someone once asked me a question...'are you the daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Singh JI and Mata Saheb Kaur, and are you a descendant of millions of Shaheeds who lost their lives and more for our faith and the right to wear our hair long?' My answer was yes...and I've never felt better in my life, my realisation of my faith and belief makes me feel strong inside. My faith and belief is undescribable... I believe in truth and the Sikh religion is truth. I love my Guru Ji and I cant hurt Guru Ji by cutting my hair, wearing make-up, tight clothing etc etc. I want to walk on the path of my sweet Guru Ji the best I can.

mMny kI giq khI n jwie ]ma(n)nae kee gath kehee n jaae

The state of the faithful cannot be described.

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