Monday, 13 April 2009

Time to Wake Up

Technically, it's Vaisakhi today, but a lot of people are celebrating tomorrow. I'm gonna talk today cos I have the time woopee(!)....

My brother turned around and asked me a pretty innocent question yesterday... 'Why do we celebrate Vaisakhi?' I explained but...I was really shocked....I dunno why, I mean I went on facebook today and more people have written about some punjabi singer's death than vaisakhi...

I talk to my brother about my thoughts and it's 'here we go again'.... What's that about? I'm not trying to force amrit on him nor do I preach and tell him to grow his kes. But a little itihaas surely wont kill him or the rest of the youth who 'yawn' at sikh sakian.

I can't wait til I finish school, I'll finally have the free time on my hands to do some english parchaar in gurughars and school more often. Again it's not about force it's about the fact that but knowledge of who we are gives our youths a sense of identity.

You ask any muslim who Mohammeds first wife was they can tell you it was Khadija, or his daughter was Fatima or he established the city of Medina and they've almost certainly read the Qu'ran once in their lifetime at least. You can ask a hindu who Sita was and they can tell you she was the wife of Raam. If you ask them to recite the Gayatri Mantra and they wouldn't hesitate. But if you ask a sikh who the panj pyare was you'd get silence, get em to tell you the names of all the Guru Ji's and they'd hesitate. if they got the names they wouldn't know the order. Ask them to recite at least the first verse of Sri Jap Ji Sahib and they'd look at you blank....

I may sound a little negative and pessimistic, but sometimes you gotta open your eyes in order to change things. There's no point in walking around with your eyes clothes 'staying positive' and ignoring our problems. That's how things get worse. Which is why I have a lot of respect of Mahaan Sant Jarnail Singh Ji because they woke up a lot of youths and did more for the panth that we could possibly imagine.

It's time the panth woke up and smelt the coffee beans....

Love life, live life

I actually love this quote. I think it's an amasing outlook on love. I would love to fulfill this quote before I die. If it's one thing I can say, it's that I do not wish to die in vain. I life without purpose, fulfilled dreams and goals and excitement; to me is just not worth anything. I have a hundred things I wanna do before I move on. Actually appreciating this wonderful life that Akaal Purakh has given me is one of them.

jwxo siq hovMqo mrxo idRstyx imiQAw ]

jaano sath hova(n)tho marano dhrisattaen mithhiaa

Know for sure that death will come; whatever is seen is false.