Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Kabhi Kabhi...

Back from Canada. It's been a week but we've just been so busy with my cousins' wedding.

It's nice to have a break though. Ever since the exams I feel like I haven't stopped and done nothing, and it's been almost a month since then!

I feel fresh and happy now that I've had a good rest...time to prepare for the next wedding :)

I really wanted to go to a sikh camp this year but it looks like it's just not in Guru Ji's hukam, oh well. In the meantime I've been trying to find a job, which isn't easy wearing a dastaar - can you believe it :P

Anyway, enough of my woes, gotta look up, do ardaas and leave it to Guru Ji. (that doesn't mean be lazy and hope a job will fall in my lap...but to simply not stress over it.)

I've seen people who have never said a bad word about a soul, done everything right,; are very devout but seem to have very bad 'luck', if that's a suitable word to use. All things seem to go wrong for them, in regards to family life, work, health etc. But still, they hold strong, their faith doesn't waver, they're like angels on earth. These people are big inspirations for me, more than anything. I think to myself, 'Stop pitying yourself! Get up and start again. If they can do it, so can YOU!'

Life is one big fat test, if at every new trial we turn around and curse God, but when things go wrong we forget Him, how can we expect anything different?

Life is His Rememberance....

dUK iqsY pih AwKIAih sUK ijsY hI pwis ]3]

dhookh thisai pehi aakheeahi sookh jisai hee paas 3

Tell your troubles to the One who is the Source of all comfort. 3

Monday, 7 July 2008

Viah hua

My cousin just got married. I'm soooo happy for her. It's like starting an entirely new life (especially as a girl). Suddenly everything is for two and yet one. You and other half have to be one on everything. The value of marraige is slowly slowly having less influence on new-age couples. So I thought I'd post the lava and the's pretty self-explanatory. Guru Ji tries to give us guidleines to live by during married life. If we follow we should be in bliss.

In the first round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord sets out His Instructions for performing the daily duties of married life.
Instead of the hymns of the Vedas to Brahma, embrace the righteous conduct of Dharma, and renounce sinful actions.
Meditate on the Lord's Name; embrace and enshrine the contemplative remembrance of the Naam.
Worship and adore the Guru, the Perfect True Guru, and all your sinful residues shall be dispelled.
By great good fortune, celestial bliss is attained, and the Lord, Har, Har, seems sweet to the mind.
Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the first round of the marriage ceremony, the marriage ceremony has begun.
In the second round of the marriage ceremony, the Lord leads you to meet the True Guru, the Primal Being.
With the Fear of God, the Fearless Lord in the mind, the filth of egotism is eradicated.
In the Fear of God, the Immaculate Lord, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and behold the Lord's Presence before you.
The Lord, the Supreme Soul, is the Lord and Master of the Universe; He is pervading and permeating everywhere, fully filling all spaces.
Deep within, and outside as well, there is only the One Lord God.
Meeting together, the humble servants of the Lord sing the songs of joy.
Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the second round of the marriage ceremony, the unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds.
In the third round of the marriage ceremony, the mind is filled with Divine Love.
Meeting with the humble Saints of the Lord, I have found the Lord, by great good fortune.
I have found the Immaculate Lord, and I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
I speak the Word of the Lord's Bani.
By great good fortune, I have found the humble Saints, and I speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.
The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, vibrates and resounds within my heart; meditating on the Lord, I have realized the destiny inscribed upon my forehead.
Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the third round of the marriage ceremony, the mind is filled with Divine Love for the Lord.
In the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, my mind has become peaceful; I have found the Lord.
As Gurmukh, I have met Him, with intuitive ease; the Lord seems so sweet to my mind and body.
The Lord seems so sweet; I am pleasing to my God.
Night and day, I lovingly focus my consciousness on the Lord.
I have obtained my Lord and Master, the fruit of my mind's desires.
The Lord's Name resounds and resonates.
The Lord God, my Lord and Master, blends with His bride, and her heart blossoms forth in the Naam.
Servant Nanak proclaims that, in this, the fourth round of the marriage ceremony, we have found the Eternal Lord God.