Thursday, 18 December 2008

Now's the time I suppose

Since the Mumbai attacks, I haven't REALLY commented on the sequence of events, so I thought it was about time to do so. (following requests from a few readers).

I know you all know I'm pretty much against the idea of Khalistan and India being 'seperate entities'. A few of you are inexplicably concerned that I may be favouring those attacked in Mumbai over those attacked back in 1984. So, I'll make it clear now - BOTH events were atrocities, BOTH were acts of evil therefore; I'm against both acts. Don't belittle me by saying that I'm a 'desh-premi' and I care more about 'Bharat' than sikhi.

What happened in 1984 (and the following decade or so) was inexcusable - and the instigators and perpetrators MUST be brought to Justice. Finally, after so long, the people of India have awoken and have begun to stand up and be counted - to hold the Government accountable.

It is about time! I know what most of you are thinking...more than 20 years after one of the biggest and cruellist massacres in Indian history - these people wake up to the useless government forces NOW? Why now?

To tell you the truth, I don't know could be because it hit home this time...the rich and wealthy (those who ignored the events of 84) were attacked this time...police and anti-terrorist forces members were killed and injured (yet they stood and allowed thousands to die in 84)...or it could be that the Indian people have just had enough. I honestly don't know...ask someone and they'll give you one reason, ask another and you get a different reason...

But from where I see it, it doesn't matter why or when or how...what matters is that they are finally demanding change. Better late then never? (I know some of you would probably say never?!)

What I worry about is that people will forget in a few weeks or months and move on and politics will continue to be a cesspool of indian mehl...(dirt)...nothing will change...

So we come to me saying yet again...
WE can be the change....India has millions of youths who are fed up, who have the zeal, eduacation and ability to make a difference....all it takes is one...

NB- another thing...I think NOW is the time to really PUSH for justice in India (regarding 84) - Workers of the world Unite!...i mean :P SIKHS of the world UNITE!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

No Religion


A grieving Mumbai mourns the dead. At least 179 Indians and foreign nationals were gunned down in cold blood in a terrorist attack that has raised controversy and several questions. And now questions are being raised over the fate of those nine men who unleashed the carnage and were gunned by the security forces.

Muslim organisations in Mumbai have decided that Muslim cemeteries in Mumbai, where unclaimed bodies are usually buried, will not open its doors for the last rites of these urban jehadis."The killing of innocents is against Islam. They are bringing shame to 25crore Muslims of India. These men are not Muslims. Why should we give them place anywhere? There is no place for them in our hearts and in our cemeteries," said Hamid Abdul Razzak, president, Dawat-e-islami.

Unprecedented events demand an unprecedented response. And this time the community has gone beyond merely condemning terrorism. It's shutting its doors on those who claim to act in their name. Determined to deny the terrorists the martyrdom they seek, Muslim organisations have written to senior Mumbai police officials as well.

"The cemetery should not allow the police to bury the nine dead terrorists in their premises," said Ibrahim Tai, president, Muslim Council Trust.

As Mumbai reels from last week's attack, there's anger, outrage and a lot of soul searching. Among this is a community determined to keep out the prodigals.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Mumbai burns

The past week I have been following startling reports from Mumbai, India - during and in the follow up to what can only be described as chaos....My heart seriously goes out to all those who were affected by these catastrophic events.

‘aye mere watan ke logon, zara aankh may bhar lo paani,
jo shaeed huwei hain unki zara yaad karo kurbani….