Saturday, 22 March 2008

Ambrosial Nectar

WAHEGURUUUUU! a whole lot's happened over the last 6 months or so. We moved house for a start. Gotta say it's nice to have space to yourself; even though Ekta can cause chaos no matter what the occassion.

In december I went to the Barsi of Brahmgyani Baba Thakhur Singh Ji (DDT). From what little I know of him, he was an awesome spririt. It was a breathtaking occassion. We left from Slough Singh Sabha (my first time there) and I met some sangat from the area (which is close to where I NOW live).

There was an Amrit Sanchar that day...I'd been thinking about it for a long time, but I'd promised my Father that I wouldn't Shakk til I was 18..that was a good 4 days or so away lol.
So....I waited.

Then, with Maharaj Ji's Maha Kirpa I heard there was an Amrit Sanchar taking place at Slough Singh Sabha. I couldn't sleep properly for a week. I wanted to ask my Dad (but I knew he'd say no). But then I WAS now 18, so I had upheld my end of the bargain....

Anyways I did it. The experience was out of this world. MIND-BLOWING YAAAAR!

and I dont think i've ever tasted anything quite so spectacular before and nor will I ever again.

What made it better was that it was Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Gurgaddi. (5th Jan)

My dad gave me a bit of a hard time because I didnt consult him or anything properly (he had a hangover and stuff and I didnt have the gutts). and I dont think he'll get over the fact that I disobeyed direct orders from him for the first time....

But someone told me that we arent here for ourselves or our relatives or friends....but for Guru 'what the heeey?'

I feel real good, but I did have an inexplicable rocky patch a few weeks ago...I couldn't get up for nitnem...but I'm out of it again and thanks to Waheguru its all good.

All I can say is that for those of you on the fence about it...take the step...dont heed others but dont feel pressured into it either...peer pressure comes from places you'd least expect Jio's

myrY min qin AMimRq mIT lgwnw ]

maerai man than a(n)mrith meet(h) lagaanaa

His Ambrosial Amrit is so sweet to my mind and body.