Monday, 13 April 2009

Love life, live life

I actually love this quote. I think it's an amasing outlook on love. I would love to fulfill this quote before I die. If it's one thing I can say, it's that I do not wish to die in vain. I life without purpose, fulfilled dreams and goals and excitement; to me is just not worth anything. I have a hundred things I wanna do before I move on. Actually appreciating this wonderful life that Akaal Purakh has given me is one of them.

jwxo siq hovMqo mrxo idRstyx imiQAw ]

jaano sath hova(n)tho marano dhrisattaen mithhiaa

Know for sure that death will come; whatever is seen is false.

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Mai said...

Yes. Beauty must be enjoyed. A meaningful death is a great blessing. I remember that when I think of witnessing the shaheedi of my loved ones; how I would like to die as well as they did! I think that's one reason I didn't stay dead when I died twice during my stroke. What a stupid way to die!

But while we are here in Maya, it is better to concentrate on doing whatever good we can do and leave death to the dead.

Chardi kala and
lots and lots of love!