Sunday, 10 June 2007

O to be a child once more

Children are the most astonishing creation of Waheguru, I think. Their innocence is inspiring. I have a 4 year old sister and because the world is new to her, everything is a new adventure. She is at that curious stage. When I take her to the Gurudwara... She does her matta tekh and runs to sit down as fast as she can so that she may listen and learn more about this experience. I am glad when she sits still for at least 15 minutes. We sit and meditate together and then her curiosity gets the better of her and she goes to look out the huge window and talk to a nearby Baba Ji.
pihlY phrY rYix kY vxjwirAw imqRw bwlk buiD Acyqu ]pehilai peharai rain kai vanajaariaa mithraa baalak budhh achaeth
In the first watch of the night, O my merchant friend, your innocent mind has a child-like understanding.
I like to sit and watch the kids play freely, crawl around and study the sangat's faces. The kids do their matta tekh, then stare at the golden paalki, then they turn and stare at those solemn faces - looking for a smile...anywhere! I cant help but laugh and theres a connection - they found someone! As we laugh together, the sangat stare at us like...'what are you doing!? You cant be happy in here!' But we dont care, we will carry on playing and listening to the sweet words of Guru Ji and the wonderous kirtan...and why shouldn't we? It seems nowadays that Punjabi people think of sikhism as doctrine. The gurudwara is a formal requirement where happiness is extinct. Are they serious? Do they really think that Guru Ji wanted us to unhappily visit him? This is why I happily sing along loud to the kirtan and laugh and smile...the thoughts need to removed from their minds with happiness :D

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