Wednesday, 20 June 2007

happy happy happy

kir kir vyKY ndir inhwl ]kar kar vaekhai nadhar nihaal

Having created the creation, He watches over it. By His Glance of Grace, He bestows happiness.

I've been in a really happy mood today..dunno why...everything just seems perfect now... I did a good ardaas to Guru Ji last night and my minds been pretty clear and calm....yaaaaay....I'm not going to say much because I think that happiness is a different experience for every person, much like love. We all get happy over different thing...I get happy when I think of waheguru, see my dad, when it rains, when there's a clear blue sky, when I go to Gurudwara and when I chill with my brothers and sis (all 5 of em ) and more. Why don't you guys take a minute and think about the things that make you happy..a lot of them will probably be little things, small moments; when you hear sounds, smell scents and all these childhood memories flash back when I smell orange squash because I spent a lot of my time in the park where we'd constantly drink squash haha....aaah happiness...but the bestest happiness is when you do simran...

suKw kI imiq ikAw gxI jw ismrI goivMdu ]sukhaa kee mith kiaa ganee jaa simaree govi(n)dh How can I measure the happiness of meditating on the Lord of the Universe?

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