Friday, 15 June 2007

We are sikhs

I was thinking today, about the mass conversions amd attempts to convert (or worse) made by many diverse groups. At first, I thought....this is terrible. But then I thought...if these people are unfulfilled as Sikhs, then why not let them go? If they aren't forcefully converted then where is the harm to US? Are our own jeevans affected by them? Nope. However it is when groups such as the RSS, fundamentalists, try to DISTORT becomes wrong - and MUST be put to an end. I'm going to speak about the RSS because I was sent a very disturbing e-mail about the activities in which they participate. They have been described as the 'Nazi's of Hindustan' and I believe this is a pretty good description. Sikhs have been living in the Indian sub-continent for hundreds of years..since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Since then, they have been fighting for justice and truth...for all religions. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji died to achieve the rights of Hindus, under Moghul regime. Sikhs have never been 'anti-such-and-such-religion.' We believe in the equality of all human kind...all paths lead to the One. However Bhagat Kabeer Ji put it:

qorau n pwqI pUjau n dyvw ]thoro n paathee poojo n dhaevaa

I do not pick leaves as offerings, and I do not worship idols.

Therefore I beg of those who are being brainwashed by these fascist groups...don't get hoodwinked...look at the history Sikhism...we are a seperate qaum! Don't let those who assimilated Buddhism (Buddha as an avtar of Vishnu) into their religion do it to Sikhi. We do NOT worship idols, partake in rituals, etc. We are Sikhs of Guru Ji...not Vishnu. Ik Oankaar!

pwrbRhmu pRBu eyku hY dUjw nwhI koie ]paarabreham prabh eaek hai dhoojaa naahee koe There is only the One Supreme Lord God; there is no other at all.


Khalsa4ever said...

Absolutely correct. Those that leave the parchaar of sikhi are rarely forced as is often claimed, they do so willingly because sikhi has little value to them.

I think by instilling this value in people our age, we can possible prevent some of this, but those who wish to go have every right to do so.

blessed1 said...

it is sos so good to see the awareness among d d same time distress to see d paths lost by a struggling trying to get closer to my birth point d follow dat dese times wen der is so much going on all over d world...its pains to see d lack of it in d land of in india....ders hardly any unity among d sikh heads....a gurudwara at every corner is dividing d community....awareness and activity is less...i find it hard to find n put d kids in a circle wer ders instilling of our self worth.need more of community gatherings....big community grounds,instead of divion of funds...mass celebrations for d kids to know we too have festivals...and wat d festivals are all about.

Shanu Kaur said...

Totally agree with you guys....if we dont inspire the youth, what future is there for sikhi. Times have changed since my parents being force fed sikhi...parchaar is the only way forward

Bee Gill said...

As Shanu's mother I totally agree with her comment about my generation being 'force fed' sikhi from a very early age. Sundays were dreaded as we were made to spend the whole day at the gurudwara and made to sit quietly and listen to something we did not understand. In fact, even my mother knew nothing of the religion until very recently, and that was after taking amrit following the death of my father. We would ask questions and were very rarely given answers. If anything we were taught to fear god. When I had my children my husband and I made the decision that our children would have a choice when it came to religion and I am very happy with Shanu's chosen path. She had always felt close to her guru from a very early age and I feel truly blessed that I have a daughter with such high morals and values. There is hope for this family yet :-)