Monday, 9 July 2007

Holding A Peice Of Time

Well it's a been a while since my last post. I have been very busy. Yeah busy. How often is it that way for you? It's amazing how we seem to have soooo much time for the things that don't really matter, but the important things just go out the window. We can sit behind a desk for up to 9 hours a day, gossip for more, watch tele for even longer; yet have no time for our creater Waheguru (God), our families, real friends and what not. At first I thought...There's just not enough time in the day. Then I thought, of course there's enough time (whoever thought of that one?) The problem is we don't know how to properly use the time we have here. Nitnem, bani, simran (as much as you don't wanna believe it ((you know who you are)) all help you so much, you have no idea!

suix mn imqR ipAwirAw imlu vylw hY eyh ]sun man mithr piaariaa mil vaelaa hai eaeh

Listen, O my mind, my friend, my darling: now is the time to meet the Lord.

Recently I've been trying to use my time constructively. It's not that I'm just negative but I find that unless you watch something like news, documentaries or the occassional film, it's just not worth wasting your time watching TV. And it's not as if we watch real, genuinely good people. It's people that are quite horrendous and shameless, sex, drugs, alcohol and more. Do we really need to watch this? So I've been studying more (finally get economics) and I just started preliminary work on my Sikh Based Comic Book (unnamed) which will, Waheguru willing, be out soon :) I am learning Chinese, Punjabi and trying to leanr Hindi written. I'm trying to keep a strict rehit too. Staying away for as long as possible from things like msn and sikhsangat (as much as I love it) I just find I waste precious time doing well...nothing.

Here's a 'letter from God' which sent shivers down my spine when I read it and I was close to tears.


As you got up this morning, I watched you, and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday. But I noticed you were too busy, trying to find the right outfit to wear.When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes for you to stop and say hello, but you were to busy. At one point you had to wait fifteen minutes with nothing to do except sit in a chair. Then I saw you spring to your feet. I thought you wanted to talk to me but you ran to the phone and called a friend to get the latest gossip instead. I watched patiently all day long. With all our activities I guess you were too busy to say anything to me.I noticed that before lunch you looked around, maybe you felt embarrassed to talk to me,that is why you didn't bow your head. You glanced three or four tables over and yo u noticed some of your friends talking to me briefly before they ate, but you didn't.That's okay. There is still more time left, and I hope that you will talk to me yet.You went home and it seems as if you had lots of things to do. After a few of them were done, you turned on the TV. I don't know if you like TV or not, just about anything goes there and you spend a lot of time each day in front of it not thinking about anything, just enjoying the show. I waited patiently again as you watched the TV and ate your meal, but again you didn't talk to me.Bedtime I guess you felt too tired. After you said goodnight to your family you plopped into bed and fell asleep in no time. That's okay because you may not realize that I am always there for you.. I've got patience, more than you will ever know. I even want to teach you how to be patient with others as well.I love you so much that I wait everyday for a nod, prayer or thought, or a thankful part of your heart. It is hard to have a one-sided conversation. Well, you are getting up once again. Once again I will wait, with nothing but love for you. Hoping that today you will give me some time.

Have a nice day!

Your friend,


What can I say? Whoever wrote this is amazing. Thank you for opening more eyes :)

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