Friday, 23 May 2008

Old? I think NOT

Large numbers of Sikhs started flocking to Goindwal to see the new Guru. Datu one of Guru Angad's sons proclaimed himself as Guru at Khadur following his fathers death. He was so jealous of Guru Amar Das that he proceeded to Goindwal to confront the Guru. Upon seeing Guru Amar Das seated on a throne surrounded by his followers he said; "You were a mere menial servant of the house until yesterday and how dare you style yourself as the Master?", he then proceeded to kick the revered old Guru, throwing him off his throne. Guru Amar Das in his utter humility started caressing Datu's foot saying; "I'm old. My bones are hard. You may have been hurt." As demanded by Datu, Guru Amar Das left Goindwal the same evening are returned to his native village of Basarke.

Guru Amar Das Ji was born in the village of Basarke on May 5, 1479. He was the eldest son of Tej Bhan a farmer and trader. It was not until his old age that Guru Amar Das Ji met Guru Angad Ji and converted to the path of Sikhism. He eventually became Guru at the age of 73 succeeding Guru Angad Ji.

Some people are beyond special so far that they are no longer simply 'people'...

BMjnu Aiq pwp inKMjnu myrw pRBu AMiq sKweI ]20]

bhai bha(n)jan ath paap nikha(n)jan maeraa prabh a(n)th sakhaaee 20

My God is the Destroyer of fear, the Destroyer of sin; in the end, He is our only help and support. 20

sBu ikCu Awpy Awip vrqY nwnk nwim vifAweI ]21]3]12]

sabh kishh aapae aap varathai naanak naam vaddiaaee 21312

He Himself pervades and permeates everything; O Nanak, glorious greatness is obtained through the Naam. 21312

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