Friday, 13 June 2008

24 years

Sorry for not posting...have had baaaad hayfever...I got a swollen eye and it's constantly dry and itchy...anyhoooooo

A lot of stuff been going on...It's been 24 years since Operation Blue Star.... I wrote a massive thread about this but it didn't come up and I refuse to write it again.

Operation Bluestar hits a lot of Sikhs in the heart...and it hurts immensely. There's no doubt about was planned and stretegic and it was aimed at ALL sikhs not just the militants...People can argue about it as much as they want but that's my firm belief.

However I am NOT in favour of Khalistan nor will I ever be...(it comes up a lot when you talk about Op. Bluestar and Indira Gandhi...)

I don't feel like we need Khalistan, it just seems like running away from the problems in India...a cop out. If you wanna know why I feel this way, ask me...I got a whole list of reasons that nobody (as of yet) has been able to deal with. But I wont post them here.

I feel for the Shaheeds of the 80's and 90's but I fel more for the generations left...their legacies.

I want to do something for THEM. they need us and instead of helping them we yell slogans for Khalistan...real seems we're more Indian than we'd like to admit.

kUkr kUVu kmweIAY gur inMdw pcY pcwnu ]

kookar koorr kamaaeeai gur ni(n)dhaa pachai pachaan

Those who practice falsehood are dogs; those who slander the Guru shall burn in their own fire.


Mai said...

I don't quite know how to reply, except to say that had Khalistan existed on 31 Oct - 4 Nov 1984, my husband, my son, my brothers, my cousins and my two unborn daughters would not have 'Shaheed' in front of their names, nor would I have 'Widow' after mine.

On 30 Oct 1984, I believed that Khalistan was a lot of silliness born from Singh Khalsa with too much testosterone and too much time on their hands.

When I regained consciousness in Nov 1984 - I'm not sure of the day, I found my understanding of the movement had grown.

Over the years, I have come to believe that the disolution of India, sooner or later - is inevitable. We Sikhs need to be there to at least pick up the pieces of Punjab and save our ancestral home from anarchy and ruin.

In the meantime, the desertification of Punjab continues at an alarming rate; if something isn't done soon, this rich agricultural land will look more like the Kalahari Desert than a brimming breadbasket.

Mai said...

Now, what do you suggest?

Shanu Kaur said...

Jio I cannot express how I feel to your comments.

I cannot possibly fathom what you have been through...

I can understand that a LOT of people feel there is a need for Khalistan. However, I feel that Sikhs are not the only minority in India.

India also has muslims, christians, buddhists, jains and many more who are mistreated by the State and a minority of Hindus.

I feel as a Sikh, I also have a duty towards these people. I do not think that Khalistan is a viable, non-vioent answer to all our problems.

As a Sikh of Guru Ji I feel that they would be ashamed of me should I abandon India and all her problems; leaving them to the rest.

Maybe I am a coward but I could not bare to see India full of 'mai' ji's and my brothers and sisters made orphans.

Please tel me, what can be done?

Mai said...

Shanu Ji, Sister,

I can tell you are a lady with a big heart filled with love and compassion for all. This is a high accomplishment, a true gift from Vaheguru. I encourage you to nourish this gift and help it grow.

As Sikhs, especially as Khalsa, we have a duty to protect the innocent, whoever they may be. I do not call for a violent revolution to establish Khalistan. I have never advocated violence except in extreme cases of self-defence or in defence of the innocent.

I do believe in working toward the peaceful establishment of our physical nation through international agencies such as the United Nations. Is this a pipedream? Possibly. Probably. But with Guru's kirpaa, it is possible. I grasp onto that hope.

In any case, someday India will fall apart, as did the Soviet Union. I hope we can be there to pick up at least one of the pieces and establish Khalistan as an independent, free, secure home for Sikhs and other people who share our dream.

In the meantime, you must follow your path of truthful living and I must follow mine. You are no coward; you are following Truth as you see it, which is an act of great courage.

With much love and chardi kala,

Mai Harinder Kaur, TINK