Friday, 20 June 2008

I'm sorry

I really am sorry if I offended anyone in my last post...I was on a bit of a role and lost myself in my Krodh (Anger). I don't wanna belittle anyone with silly excuses, so I ask for a straight pardon and your forgiveness and I promise I will try as best as I can to control my hardest thief to ensare til date.


Mai said...

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa!
Vaheguru ji ki fateh!

Dear Shanu Ji,

A good heart - such as yours - is never offensive to those who love that heart.

A good heart is often - usually - passionate and needs to express itself.

I am personally quite accustomed to the intentional insults of small-hearted people. The poor dears just can't help it, they need our compassion, not our condemnation. So I am neither insulted nor hurt from such.

How much less would I be insulted or hurt by a dear sister!

Someday, I pray, as you do, that we can meet in Darbar Sahib!

Until then,

Remain in chardi kala!

(But I'll never be an Indian. I think. Never is a big, big word!)

Shanu Kaur said...

lol I like to thinksmall and work my way up to big...I just want Punjab , at LEAST, to be a more secure and liveable state...then look start to look at the bigger picture :)