Monday, 16 June 2008

To 'Mai' Ji

Jio I cannot express how I feel about your comments. I cannot possibly fathom what you have been through...I can understand that a LOT of people feel there is a need for Khalistan.

However, I feel that Sikhs are not the only minority in India. India also has muslims, hindus, christians, buddhists, jains and many more who are mistreated by the State and a minority of Hindus.I feel as a Sikh, I also have a duty towards these people. I do not think that Khalistan is a viable, non-violent answer to all our problems.

As a Sikh of Guru Ji I feel that they would be ashamed of me should I abandon India and all her problems; leaving them to the rest.

Maybe I am a coward but I could not bare to see India full of 'mai' ji's and my brothers and sisters made orphans.

Please tell me, what can be done? I have many solutions but it seems people prefer a seperate country over easy changes....


Mai said...

I just answered this in the comments of your previous post, but I believe I still have it in my clipboard here. Feel free to post if you wish.

And also feel free to visit my blogs,

The Road To Khalistan,,
which might surprise you with its love of Sikhi and Guru Ji and lack of glorification of violence,

and my personal blog, sometimes - 2,

which might just surprise you.

Anyway here is this from my clipboard:

Shanu Ji, Sister,

I can tell you are a lady with a big heart filled with love and compassion for all. This is a high accomplishment, a true gift from Vaheguru. I encourage you to nourish this gift and help it grow.

As Sikhs, especially as Khalsa, we have a duty to protect the innocent, whoever they may be. I do not call for a violent revolution to establish Khalistan. I have never advocated violence except in extreme cases of self-defence or in defence of the innocent.

I do believe in working toward the peaceful establishment of our physical nation through international agencies such as the United Nations. Is this a pipedream? Possibly. Probably. But with Guru's kirpaa, it is possible. I grasp onto that hope.

In any case, someday India will fall apart, as did the Soviet Union. I hope we can be there to pick up at least one of the pieces and establish Khalistan as an independent, free, secure home for Sikhs and other people who share our dream.

In the meantime, you must follow your path of truthful living and I must follow mine. You are no coward; you are following Truth as you see it, which is an act of great courage.

With much love and chardi kala,

Mai Harinder Kaur, TINK

Mai said...

Perhaps you would also find it interesting to read what actually happened to us in 1984. We, Suni, mysister/cousin, Vini, my dear mother-in-law, and I have written our stories in some detail. I have collected links to all those posts in the post at:

These stories were not easily or lightly written and published, but we feel that these stories need to be known.

In addition, I would like to invite you to write a guest post expressing your views. No pressure to do so, but I think it would be good for all of us to read another view.

Shanu Kaur said...

It is like a breath of fresh air to hear that not all Khalistani's are pro-violence.

I too, believe that India will not last for long.

However, her industrial growth is very rapid and I don't think that the State can carry on oppressing it's people the way it has the past 50 years or so. So it will take time to change...

Thank you for expressing your views and showing me both sides of the story. And thank you for these links.

Mai said...

Shanu Ji, Sister,

You, too,with your courtesy and class, are a breath of fresh air to me. We Sikhs need to stop being at each others' throats, growling. We are brothers and sisters, let us act as family. We badly need to learn to 'disagree without being disagreeable.'

May I add that as long as India, as we know it, exists, I am barred from my true birthplace, Anandpur Sahib, and can visit Harimandir Sahib only in pictures and in my dreams. :(

You see, although I have never advocated violence, supported those who do or committed any violent act - except in defence - the government of India considers me a 'terrorist.'

Go figure.

Shanu Kaur said...

Jio I completely agree with you! Call me soft but I feel terrible arguing and just feel like I wanna cry when a brother or sister is upset at me or yells. I hate it. Sometimes I can't control my anger and go off on one so I guess I deserve it.

I just can't handle how the more I come into Sikhi, the more I hear of how corrupt, political and fundamental we are becoming.

It's amasing the more I communicate with you JIo, the more I feel close, as if I actually have met you haha - I think it's the warmth you get when you read one of your posts!

Is saddens me SO much that my fellow brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of Sri Guru GObind SIngh Ji can't make a journey home to our birthplace. I vowed when I was younger I would do my best to rectify this. I haven't forgotten and I pray that waheguru will help me keep it.

I know I could never know how you feel, nor could I ever imagine what you have been through, but you seem a strong individual, a real sikh. I hope you can wait just a little longer for a younger sister to try and keep a promise. ;)