Friday, 9 May 2008

The Wheel

I try to write about things which are universal on this site. It just so happens that Sikhi is universal however, not everything that I write is DIRECTLY linked to Sikhi (despite the blog name!!) Sikhi DOES mean to learn and seek truth therefore almost everything we do/think in this life is linked to Sikhi.

There has been a lot of commotion in the West over the past 7 years since Sept. 11. I, at only 11 years old, was appalled by the events of that day like most of world.

All the same, I in no way endorse the retalliation and racist behaviours of a minority of people. I am a Sikh and I have lived in a predominately white area since 9/11. I wear a turban (which btw is totally different to a Talibans'!) and I have suffered abuse for it. Some of my closest friends are Sikhs, Christians, Atheists, Hindus AND MUSLIMS. I do not know a great deal about Islam, however I respect all for who they are - no matter what caste or creed.

As a great man once said, 'we are all chained to the wheel, there is no black and white; we are all One of The ONE.'

There is a lot of 'bad' in the world, on top of atrocity, poverty and climate problems, which make these problems worse. Therefore, it is all the more vital that we stick together - irrespective of who or 'what' we are. Because there is still a LOT of Good to counter it. Times are bad and I have a feeling that the economies in the USA and UK will only make things worse for us. (However, India and China are looking at brighter futures haha!)

All I can say is to stop the useless racism, castism, whatever-ism - its only dividing us and weakening us, we must unite.
suik®qu kIqw rhsI myry jIAVy bhuiV n AwvY vwrI ]1] rhwau ]
sukirath keethaa rehasee maerae jeearrae bahurr n aavai vaaree 1 rehaao
Only the good deeds which you have done shall remain with you, O my soul. This opportunity shall not come again! 1Pause

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