Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Summer is here. It's absolutely beautiful. All my moaning throughout winter I guess...finally paid off. Me and my Father have been doing a lot of gardening now that the weather is so much better. It's so amasing to see life spring from a tiny little speck of a seed. We now have a vegetable patch and have some gorgeous plants in the back garden.

I love how we have a connection to nature. Only recently I was singing along to my mp3 player whilst weeding the patch and a little robin red-breast came up behind me and sat and sang along. It was another experience with nature I will never forget. The other morning, I looked out my window for there was a loud squawking sound coming for the tree under my windo. Two magpies were trying to attack a blackbird. The poor thing was to small to defend itself. I opened the window and clapped my hands. Astonishingly the blackbird did not move a muscle and the two magpies flew away apprehensively. Now the blackbird rarely leaves the garden!

I like to sit outside and sing and bask in the sunshine and meditate on Naam. I feel so refreshed and alive and connected to the world. We have a river behind our house and I can't wait to clear the back of the garden and just sit.

This life we lead is so busy, with studies, work, family, there is rarely time for ourselves and, well...God. My Father often speaks of how when he was younger he expected things to get less stressful and easier for the next generation to live. He feels that things have only become harder despite new technologies which would imply the contrary.

Are we moving so fast towrds something out of our reach? In India and similar countries the masses work long and tiring, (and, in my opinion, unethical) hours and more than often in disgusting working conditions solely for SURVIVAL. In England it's for FORTUNE and WEALTH. Recently a young Barrister (my condolences to the family) used a shot gun to relieve his stress on those around him. Will we all be pushed to this in the future? I despair to contemplate upon it.

God is my salvation, if I didnt have Waheguru I dread to think how my life would be rattling on.

TOP TIP: Relax and find yourself some 'Me' time (but remember you are never alone!)

hir quDu ivxu KwkU rUlxw khIAY ikQY vYx ]

har thudhh vin khaakoo roolanaa keheeai kithhai vain

Without You, Lord, we roll around in the dust. Unto whom should we utter our cries of distress?

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