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A lot of people nowadays are having trouble with keeping Kes (hair) and feeling proud of their appearance. This is not surprising what with globalisation and 'western influences' on the world. More and more people are cutting their kes in Punjab (the Sikh 'Motherland', birthplace of the Khalsa brotherhood etc.) and more and more kids want to be Bollywood action heroes (which I have nothing against - just the things which come with it).

Kes, after Truth is one of the most important Tenants of Sikhism. It symbolises our oneness with nature and, submission and obedience to Guru Ji's will. It is also an irreplaceable part of our Identities as Sikhs and followers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

It hurts to hear of more and more stories of Kes cuttings etc. But I can understand the pressures on the youth to cut. here is a post of a youth having problems many of us go through at some point in our lives but I think the majority response was to meditate on Naam, draw strength from Him and keep going or 'Just keep swimming!' as Dori from 'Finding Nemo' would put it :)

QUOTE (Kaeza @ May 13 2008, 11:46 AM)
Hi people, im new to this site. I have been amritdhari for a long time now but I have never really been comfortable with it. The main reason is because of my appearance...i dont feel confident having a long dhari and I am just not the same confident person i used to be. everytime i leave the house and walk down the street i am soo consious about how i look and i find that even when im talkin to people im thinkin about how i look to them. I know it might seem very vain but im struggling with it and i always have been.if i was to cut my dhari then i would still do my paath and do all the things that i love about sikhi but the only thing that would be different would be that i trim. i know lots of people who have broken their amrit and started on the alcohol and drugs etc etc but i would never do that and have never thought about doing things like that. again i know it sounds vain but i just want to feel more comfortable with my appearance. What shall i do?

My reply:

I totally know how you feel. Especially since the weather's gotten better :D. Being an amrtidhari girl is even harder, I must say. Plus, I go to a school of mostly white people who are unaccustomed to turban wearing, hairy females. But then the sun shines, you wear nice, simple yet femenine and graceful clothing. You hold your head up high and smile to all. Then you realise that you don't do it for others but for yourself and Waheguru. Today a lil kid at a McDonalds restaurant turned and asked me straight out...''what's that on your head?'' I love how kids say what everyone else is thinking (and I could tell they were). So i said in a loud and clear voice...'Ahem, It's called a dastaar or turban and as a Sikh it is my crown which a price/princess might wear...''OOOh I wish I had one!' was the reply.

So moral of the story = chill, take the days as they come and, remember Him.

nwnk nwmu smwil qU ijqu syivAY suKu hoie ]4]30]63]

naanak naam samaal thoo jith saeviai sukh hoe 43063

O Nanak, remember the Naam; serving Him, peace is obtained. 43063

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