Thursday, 26 November 2009


Do you ever have those days where absolutely everything just goes brilliantly? Well, I had one of 'em yesterday. Everything was just perfect - with the "dude upstairs'" good-grace. I pulled an all-nighter with my friends, watching real old cartoons and shows like 'Top Cat' and 'Wacky Racers', we stayed up 'til breakfast at 7am - a full english fry up (so that meant hash browns for me with weetabix and hot chocolate..blissssss) Then we came back to our rooms to chill or, in my case - to fall asleep whilst reading 'Goodfellas'. I woke up at 12, only to realise I had a meeting with a Student Film-Maker at 2! So I texted him to let him know I'd meet him at 3 instead and he was great about it. We met at Cafe Nero (way better than Starbucks and Costa by the way) and he bought me a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate chip (I know, 2 hot chocolates in one day, could it get any better?) He took a look at some of my art-work, whilst I took a look at his script. I think this movie definately has some promise so I'm quite eager to do the storyboard work for him. He's a really great guy, who went to America in the summer to work with Jack Black on a new movie. He was surprised I'm not doing an art degree or anything... let's not get started on that eh.... He liked my art-work and it turned out we have a similar taste in comic books, i.e. the silver surfer (all time favourite of mine and his)... So he wants me to work for him once I take a proper look at his script, but I've already decided to take the job as I'd love to add this to my portfolio - who knows where it could lead?

After we went our seperate ways I walked around on the high street and the indoor marketplace in Oxford. It was a tad chilly, but otherwise gorgoeus. I went to a few second-hand bookstores and to my surprise found some amasing finds for next to no money! Julius Caesar (my all-time favourite Shakespearian work) published in 1910 for £1.50! I'm working on my autobiography as well, so I picked up Angelas Ashes for a quid (good book) to give me a hand. I also got Pickwick Papers by Dickens (terrific writer and story) , Nelson by Carola Oman (awesome character) and Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea (gotta love Hemingway). All for less than a tenner - which was amasing! I love second-hand books. You can smell their age and the paper is so precious. They also look so good on the bookshelf hahaha...

I later found myself at the Oxfam charity store on Broad Street. It weren't so good books wise, but they have quite a good collection of LP's. Now, when I was a kid (before the Lord of The Rings was a motion-picture) my father used to speak of an old record he once owned which matched the story in music. He lent it to someone and never got it back. To my surprise at the Oxfam store, I FOUND THE RECORD! I can't wait to see my Papa's face when I show it to him. I know it will mean a lot to him.

So, after meandering the streets of Oxford Town for 3 hours, it was time for a lecture at Oxford Sikh Society about the Last Maharajah of the Sikhs - Duleep Singh - who was a very awesome and tragic character not just in sikh history but in history in general... I really recommend you do some research on him! We went to Pizza Hut afterwards and I ate tonnes of food followed by a cheesecake, over some really stimulating conversation and a good I said, Blisssss....

I came home around 11.30 to find all my housemates shout 'congratulations' in the hallway - for getting the storyboard job, they made me tell them everything that happened. I love my housemates, they're such an amasing group of people. So loving. I could tell that they were genuinely happy for me. I was so overwhelmed, I'm STILL overwhelmed.

Such an amasing day.

To top it all off, I GOT MY STUDENT LOOOOAN!! So that burden's been alleviated somewhat :)

"A dish fit for the gods".

~Shakespeare's Julius Caesar~


Mai said...

What a lovely day!

My favourite is Macbeth. (I'm not superstitious. The Scottish Play, indeed!)

I occasionally get a sort of deep awareness how it's all the Hukam of Vaheguru and then it doesn't matter what happens, at all. Alas! That passes. It's a nice little vacation.

Really gooood hot chocolate...what can I say.

Living in - near - Seattle, I can definitely say that Starbucks is 90% hype, more bucks than star, imo.

Parents and art degrees? (Just an educated guess.) Won't they be surprised when they see your name on the screen as Art Director or some such?!

Enjoy life. Chardi kala!

Gupt Singhni said...

Yeah, I also like Macbeth, as I studied it in school... it was real good, imagery was cool.

Man I love hot chocolate - if you ever see the scene from 'Polar Express, you'll get what I mean...

Yeah Papa's not too keen on me overdoin it with the arts I guess...he sees law as the realistic option and arts as the hobby on the side...but he said he's proud n jealous! He always wanted to do something in film haha

Hope you're cool Bhenji!

Always in chardi kalaa...