Monday, 26 October 2009

Get off your ass!

The British National Party (known for nazi/fascist views and policies) has come into the spotlight recently in the UK, since they featured on BBC's Question Time. Now, I don't disagree with the principle that these views should be listened to - else how else can we counter them? Voltaire said something like 'I dissaprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it...' We live in a democracy and as such we have to respect other peoples rights to freedom of speech. However, it is widely known that the BNP's views insight hatred much like the many 'islamic militant fundamentalists' they oppose, the only difference is the BNP is a political party! Therefore their right to say things on a public platform is quite controversial (as I'm sure you can imagine)...

Then again if we don't let these views come to the platform; they''ll end up being forced underground; will create more anonymous support; and hatred will spread; with violence increasing.

If we expose their policies and show them up for the sham that they are, we can do a lot more.

Also, it is the responsibility of every BNP-hating person out there to stand up and take some responsibility. Throwing eggs will not make a difference, but work against us in the sense that we create sympathy for these...fiends. We can talk about this in our own little communities and all of us can repeat the same message - 'screw the BNP' , 'sod the BNP' blah blah blah, but we won't get anywhere.

The only way to counter the BNP is to fight back with brains and not brawn. Go to a primary school and/or a high school and do a talk about tolerance! Talk about the many different people, religions, ethinicities we have in this beautiful world. Talk about humanity. We are ONE. We have to educate people from a 'grass root level' or the next generation will follow in the BNP/NF footsteps. We need to spread a message of peace and love and tolerance. All British people, no matter what colour or creed should stand up united against these people.

Most of the people who voted for them tend to be ignorant and poorly educated. They are prejudiced from the beginning.

And don't just go to schools where the population is already pretty diverse - kids are smart, they already tend to be pretty accepting here - go to schools in the middle of nowhere , where they haven't seen a coloured person 'cept on TV. Go to places like Bristol - where racism with youths is rampant.

We can fight this! We just have to get off our asses and make the change ourselves. There's no use in moaning when the storm has already passed and we're picking up the pieces. Think ahead!

It is not mine but YOUR responsibility. YOU are going to do something about it. I will tell you exactly what to do, I will give you the tools but YOU can't wait for someone else to solve this problem. That is why we have a situation we have toda...y. The world does not know about us because we as individuals wait for our community or leaders to do our job. But who is the community, who are the leaders ? It is YOU and I. (Angad Singh Atlanta, Georgia - 16 year old peace activist)


eehaa khaatt chalahu har laahaa aagai basan suhaelaa 1

In this world, earn the profit of the Lord's Name, and hereafter, you shall dwell in peace. 1


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