Friday, 9 October 2009

Sri Guroo Raam Daas Ji

Sri Guroo Raam Daas Ji born, Jetha....Vaheguroo, what can I say about such a true Mahatma (great soul) i'm not going to go into His whole life story as so many websites are available which would be able to do a better job.

Today is a special day as it is Guroo Ji's Avtaar Purab - the day that Guroo Ji came into this world.

Through His love and devotion Jetha became Guroo Raam Daas as Guroo Amar Daas' successor who subsequently continued the building of what we now know as Amritsar (was then Raamdaaspur)....Guroo Ji encouraged His sikhs to partake in the joy and sorrow of others and not only quiet meditation; this is also a way of ridding the soul of Ego - which seperates us from the One.

Guroo Ji kept a veeery long beard- as many of the subsequent paintings of him illustrate.

One day Sri Chand - Sri Guroo Naanak Dev Ji's eldest son who was the leader of the Udaasi Sect (ascetics) came to visit Guroo Ji. Baba Sri Chand asked Guroo Ji, in an aim to try and belittle him, why he kept such a long beard? Sri Guroo Raam Daas Ji's reply was as follows:

"So I that I can wipe the dust off of the feet of Holy men such as yourself."

He then proceeded to perform this supreme act of humility...before Baba Sri Chand could stop him and embrace him, explaining, "That's enough. So, this is why I have been deprived of my ancestral heritage - through behaviour and humilty such as this. Now, what more is left of me, that I could offer you for your piety and goodness of heart?"

(Baba Sri Chand had been angry at having Gurooship passed over him when Sri Guroo Nanak dev his father initiated Sri Guroo Angad Dev Ji as successor. Hoping to alter the direction that his father had set down for His sikhs, Baba Sri Chand attempted to install himself as the second Guroo.)

Sri Guroo Raam Daas, I believe is the supreme inspiration of many Western Sikhs - much like Sri Guroo Nanak Dev Ji and Sri Guroo Gobind Singh Ji are to others. But Guroo Ji has a place in all of our hearts for many different reasons.

Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur, Jin Siriyaa Thine Suvaariaa

Blessed, Blessed is Guroo Raam Daas, He who created You, exalted You.

Pooree Hooee Karaaamaath Aap Sirajanehaare Dhaaria

Perfect is Your miracle; the Creater Lord Himself has installed You on the throne.

listen live to kirtan at Sri Guroo Raam Daas Ashram Espanola:


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Snatam Kaur has the voice of an angel, even to those of us who don't believe in angels!

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