Friday, 26 September 2008

Whose blood is this?

I'm taking Politics in college at the moment. It's by far the best course I've ever taken...I think it's my teacher...It's nice to be able to talk to someone who knows what they're on about. It's the very first time I've some across someone who's not asian, who knows a little about Khalistan!

We had a conversation the other day on my stance on the issue. It took me a while to was as if I just couldn't say 'no, I'm not Khalistani...' nor could I say 'yes, I am a khalistani' But I told him this...'I believe in a Khalistan...but it knows no's beyond Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims...potentially I see Khalistan in all the world...ideologically I see all of India as Khalistan...logically I see Punjab as Khalistan...'

You see it's 100% clear that under the current regime, noone is trully safe or free in first subject in Politics is 'democracy' and if anyone knows what that is, they'll know India is in no way a democratic country...

Khalistan means 'the land of the pure'...I want to 'purify'it in a sense...I want to rid (first Punjab, I start small) Khalistan of the many evils which attack it...when I have achieved this then I will have Khalistan.

This poem is to the Indian Government....originally it was written to the Colonialist British Government occupying India but I feel it needs to be said again....

O, Leaders of our Nation

Lift your heads

Look into our eyes

Whose blood is this

Who died?

You showed us the direction

You painted our destiny

You blew on the embers

Now you shrink from the flames

You appealed for waves

And now seek shelter from the strom.

We understand al;

Hope now lies in compromise

Colonial pledges are very wise.

Oppression was just a fairy tale!

The foreigners (here, the government) promises we must all, hail!

Yes, accept their protestations of love

When the people rise from below, we take fright above.

The old legacy will not die.

O Leaders of our Nation,

Whose Blood is this,

Who died?

This was originally written by the poet Sahir was an Urdu lament composed because of the betrayal felt by the Naval Strike Committee back in the 1940's...


Anonymous said...

Your blog says sikhi thoughts yet the picture under the title is of 2 moni with guns?

Shanu Kaur said...

With all due respect...since when does sikhi say to discriminate agaist 'moni's' as you put it, so kindly. Guns can be seen as weapons of destruction or peace - depends on how you see it - they are like shastar are they not and even Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji wielded one (or more).
If you watch the movie (Sholay) you might understand the picture Jio. Try and have more of a open mind.