Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dhan Dhan Karo

I was on Gurumustuk Ji of http://www.sikhnet.com blog and to commemorate Sri Guru Raam Dass Ji's Birthday, he has written a few posts. I asked a question regarding the reverance of Guru Ji (not in a derogatory way). It got me thinking about the link or relationship I feel with my Guru. I have a closer sonnection I would say with Guru Gobind Singh Ji...I think it's the martial spirit within me. My 'Spiritual Father' inspired me to keep my kes and wear a dastaar. I used to be an Army Cadet so, the whole idea of being a member of the Khalsa has always hit close to home...Vaheguroo I love this Dharam.

Everyday I sing the praises of Guru Raam Dass Ji through kirtan (thanks to Chardi Kalaa Jatha) and I feel more of a connection than I ever have before...well Guru Ji is more in my thoughts now than before I listened to this Kirtan.

I think the typical thing for us to do is think ...Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji but what about the 8 Nanak's in between?

I read the sakhian and sure, they come back to mind but I have no real CONNECTION (I'm sorry to say) with them...

Funny how humans have a habit of fixating ourselves on a form/entity/w.e.

We all know that Sri Guru Nanak's Jot was within the susequent Guru Ji's and that They were a part of Vaherugoo themself....but still...hehehe

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