Thursday, 4 September 2008

Waho Waho Bani Nirankar Hain

It's all falling into place with maha kirpa of Guru Ji... For a while I was really stressed because things weren't going right for aaages...

But I got my a-level results back and they were great,

I sorted out my driving lessons,

Got a job,

Going to a good college before (with Kirpa, going on to University)

Getting on with my parents (especially Dad) really well...and other family members in general

I start santhiya on saturday in order to get closer to Guru Maharaj.

This may not seem a lot to some of you but it just proves that Ardaas from the heart is trully meaningful and Guru Ji DOES listen.

Ive also been reading the autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji and it's given me the boost I needed to do MORE naam simran and my nitnem (and read more bani).

I've recently taken up a challenge to do a sehaj paath of Guru it is the 300th Gurtagaddi Divas of Maharaj. It's not necessarily a challenge because you do it to get closer to Guru Ji and try and understand bani...I think we should all try and make an effort to do so :)

Waho Waho Bani Nirankar Hain

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