Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wake Up

RSS are at it again.

Their attacks on christians in the state of ORISSA continue. This time they burned down an orphanage.... with a priest and nun locked inside.The nun died. The priest is in Hospital.

I post this topic because sikhs should work for the betterment of all mankind and help every victim of any religion. Make no mistake, these mobs are the same that played a hand in the annihilation of 250,000 sikhs. They will destroy anything that differs from their beliefs. That's why i urge sikhs to raise awareness about these attacks to christians. Wake Up.

World hindu council (VHP,RSS) were protesting about the killing of a hindu religious figure, but during this protest mobs set upon the orhphange.

Realise the alterior motives of this organisation. Attacking an institute that helps children with no parents, under the guise of patriotism.

This news made it to the Daily express , a british newspaper for once. Its a sign that the british media are waking up now and taking an interest.

Countless attacks on christians in Orissa go unreported, but this is the awakening of a new dawn. One day the RSS will be punished for their crimes against ethnic minorities. It will happen.
At the moment NO minority is safe in India, we have to do something as sikhs to help.


HemRaj Singh said...

Nice to read your blog here. It is indeed the duty of every human being to help as many and in every way he or she can.

But we seem to be forgetting the lessons that our forefathers taught. However, the hope of humanity have always been a handful. And nothing much has changed on that front. :)

Shanu Kaur said...

That handful could make the change...all the difference in the world :)