Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sikh Youth Conference Resolutions!

These are the resolutions the youth agreed on yesterday. This will allow us to work together for the benefit of the Panth.

We need to split solutions between action and awareness.
We need a multifaceted approach that includes all areas of the Sikh community.

Short term:
•Wear orange this whole week
•Put up Nishan Sahibs and get all your Sikh family/neighbors to as well.
•Do fireworks, give out ladoo on the day of shaheedi
•Take out ads in national papers, Punjab and UK (and international if possible)
Make JustGiving page to cover:
Cost of ads|| facts about case|| SOPW can take lead
•Contact all family in India to get them to attend morcha get Sikh channels to cover it in India, (very important for safety of Sangat)
•Orange Wednesday protest march from Gurdwara to high commission 28th in Bham 29th convoy from Bham to London parliament candle light vigil
•Write letters to MPs (SOPW to draft letter)
•Nagar Kirtan dedication in Southall get people to take loads of picture and vids and share via social media
•YouTube/social media awareness

We need a multifaceted approach that includes all areas of the Sikh community.

Long term:
•Reform Gurdwareh

•Database of Sikh journalists and media people to give feedback on newspapers and call in on radio shows when Sikh issues are raised

•Sikh PR team to take the lead on making leaflets and posters when stuff like this happens so we can put out a quick and centralised message. Make sure youth are involved and their feedback/ideas are taken into consideration

•Find out about all Sikh shaheeds and their lives and final days/message and keep their message alive

•Raise awareness about who Sikhs are and what they stand for. Our isolated communities need to reach out especially in the west to educate ourselves and others

•Amend Indian constitution, Anandpur Sahib Resolution recognition and understand amongst the youth.

Next conference on 1st April

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