Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

Sat Naam!

It's been just over a week since I moved to University. And, as promised, I'm posting about my experiences here so far....

First off, I have to say to anyone who doubts Akaal Purakh's power - come to Oxford to witness it. Oxford is the most beautiful City I have ever visited. It is amasingly well maintained; filled with very old (I think medievil) style buildings, glorious parks and fields, a lovely town centre, looooads of old churches and, of course - it's home to both MY university (Oxford Brookes) and Oxford University. I wouldn't compare the campuses because Oxford buildings are by far spectacularly older and Oxford Brookes is more modern as it's a much younger university. The primary mode of transport for most dwellers are, I think, bikes, buses and walkers - which I love because they're much more friendly to the environment and ourselves haha.

There is also a small Gurudwara here as well!! I'm making a visit tomorrow to see where exactly it is, but I'm so glad that Sri Guru Granth Sahib is in my city, so I dont have to go back to London everyweek.

My housemates at Harcourt Hill campus (5 miles from my regular campus) are stars. We all get along incredibly well, they're not heavy drinkers or smokers (thank God) and they're very open-minded people...It's only been a week but we're already a little family haha.

The past week was taken up by inductions, tours, enrolement, karaoke and the joining of societies. THERE'S NO SIKH SOCIETY AT BROOKES!!! The other sikh students prefer their punjabi origins and created a PUNJABI Society (why am I not surprised) and those interested in Sikhi have to join the Oxford Uni Sikh Soc. but I joined the tennis, law and snowsports society. I've met so many different people here, from many different walks fo life - I'm so glad I didn't go to an 'Asian' Uni - where all the punjabi's, pakistani's etc. go because I wanted to be able to spread my wings a bit in a different atmosphere to West London - the world's a MUCH bigger place.

I've had some trouble in the last few days about my Kirpan though, which was kind of a downer to be honest. BUT I've spoken to United Sikhs and they're behind me so if it comes to the crunch - I'll have their backing...I'm currently awaiting a verdict on whether I can have it on campus (can I point out I DON'T even wear it openly outside!!! That's the funny part...) However, the staff have all been very polite and nice about the matter, they just don't (unsurprisingly) know anything about sikhi.... but it's all in Akaal Purakhs' hands, I leave it to Them to make the decision - another test I suppose....

Man(n)ai muhi chottaa naa khaae

The faithful shall never be struck across the face

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Jap Ji Sahib


Mai said...

THERE'S NO SIKH SOCIETY AT BROOKES!!! The other sikh students prefer their punjabi origins and created a PUNJABI Society (why am I not surprised) and those interested in Sikhi have to join the Oxford Uni Sikh Soc. .

Perhaps after you get settled in and the Kirpasn problem is straightened out, you can start one. If others are going to Oxford U., there is interest.

Are you the only Amritdhari Sikh at your uni?

Gupt Singhni said...

Yeah me and a few other girls wanna see whether the Punjabi Soc members are interested in a Sikh Soc - their first meeting is on Monday... I THINK I'm hte only Amritdhari at my uni but I've seen a singh from afar on the bus. I dont know if he's amritdhari or not..but we shall see...

Mai said...

And please, keep us (me) up to date on your kirpan case. I think it's really cool that you have the opportunity to pave the pave for the others who follow.

So you are allowed to continue carrying it pending the outcome or what?

I'm also curious how they even knew you had it.

It's all the Hukam of Vaheguru, of course!

Love and chardi kala always!

Gupt Singhni said...

I have no idea how they knew I had it! I was given the impression one of my housemates saw it (probably while I was in my room) but I really have no clue. I AM allowed to wear it pending the outcome. I find it really rude that they've taken this long to come up with a decision but I suppose that's a typical bureaucracy.
It IS pretty cool that I get to pave the way, I just didn't think that Kirpan is still an issue (silly me).

I will definately keep you posted on what's going on...WHEN I know what's going on... with Maharaaj's beant kirpa it will be soon :)