Friday, 18 September 2009

Khalsa Camp 2009

Tomorrow, I move into my university room in Oxford... I cannot wait, it really has been a long time coming, with Maharaj's kirpa all seems well...

I know I haven't posted in donkey's but I'm gonna try and make a conscious effort to do so from now you get the perspective of a fully fledged sikh-uni-student...although why you'd wanna read about that is beyond me!

Last month I attended Khalsa Camp for a week. It was my very first sikh camp and I have to say...

One of the greatest experiences of my life. the lectures were absolutely spot on (every one), the sangat is uplifting, the kirtan is beyond devotional and the overall atmosphere is breathtaking.

I would definately recommend sangat to attend next year for a trully spiritual experience.

Stay in Chardi Kalaa!

Peace and LOVE


Mai said...

I have never been to as Sikh camp; I'd love to hear your experiences.

Oxford?! Super cool. I'm MCGill alumna myself.

I have written a book, sort of a book, at present it is online. It's called The Brave Little Fish." I wrote it for Sikh children to teach a few basic Sikh principles in an entertaining way. It's also my way to make sense of the events of 1984 and explain why bad things happen to good fish.

Please take the time to at least look at it. There are 21 chapters, but they are short and easy reading.

If talking fish don't annoy you too much, please start at the introduction at:

The story started with as comment made to me many years ago:

"A seeker who has not yet found
what she is seeking
is like
a fish gasping for water in the air."

Gupt Singhni said...

That sounds really cool, I will definately give it a read! and no talking fish don't reaslly annoy me haha

Mai said...

*Skips in merrily*

Personally, I think anyone annoyed by talking fish is entirely too old.

But some know...

*Giggles and exits, stage left*